Bank Holidays

What to do when your doctors surgery is closed

Call NHS 111 – available 24 hours a day/7 days a week

  • When you need medical advice or an out-of-hours GP.
    Calling NHS 111 is free from a landline or mobile phone. The service is staffed by fully trained call advisors who are supported by experienced nurses and paramedics. If an ambulance is needed – the NHS 111 call adviser will arrange for one to be dispatched immediately. (more on NHS 111)

Visit your local pharmacy

    • Pharmacists can offer free, qualified health advice at any time with no appointment needed. (more on pharmacy)
    • Pharmacies open over the Bank Holidays can be found here

Go to your local Urgent Care Centre

111-triangleThe A&E department and 999 services should be used when it’s a critical or life threatening emergency only.

If you think you need to see a doctor out of normal surgery hours and you can’t wait until they open again, calling 111 will connect you to the Out of Hours GP service.